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Capture every moment of your wedding day!

Wedding films


Lots of people think that every wedding film looks the same. Here at Bezza Visuals I think it is vital that your wedding film reflects you both and the emotion of your day to make your video unique from any other wedding films. My video production services are all very high in quality however also very unique. I love the raw, documentary style of wedding with less of the posing and staged material and more of the raw emotion and vibe of the day to capture you special day exactly as it unfolds.

The wedding film service I provide is completely up to you as the couple. I have a base package which is laid out on my website which covers bridal prep through to first dance however if you decide to add or take from my package I can tailor a price to you.

For package details please click below. 

Music Videos

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Music video's should reflect the artists imagery when writing their song. I come from a very musical background and have always been mentally creating imagery to every song I listen to in my head. This is how I tend to work with my musical clients. Out of all of my video production services I find music videos the most creative and you can really take it anywhere the song wants it to go. I love to direct however if you are an artist with a creative vision I love coming together and bouncing ideas until we find an idea that clicks perfectly. To find out more about my music video production please click below.

corporate video's

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Would you like an advert, interview or any social media work for your company? I am open to monthly plans to keep supplying your company with the video content you need for your online presence to flow nicely. This video production service links really nicely to my photography headshot service in that I can create a video for your company along with a series of headshots for your employees under one package price. Every company needs video work these days to compete on platforms such as; Tiktok, Instagram, Facebook and more. With my packages you can have your video exported in various different sizes to fit all platforms. For more information and examples please click below.



Although photography isn't the main service I provide It is something I am greatly passionate for and love to supply.I believe its an art form that evokes so much emotion and its fascinating how you can convey so much across in a still image. I offer lots of seasonal portrait shoots for example; easter shoots, halloween and autumn shoots, festive shoots and some lovely summery shoots for your instagram grid. My photography comes in packages with a set amount of time and edited photos that you will receive. I also offer other types of photography such as, headshots for your company, baby pre and post natal photoshoots and proposal photography. Please click the link below to learn more.

About me

Ben Smith

Hi I'm Ben,

I am a freelance videographer with a very creative eye. Being inspired by the likes of 'Cole Bennett', 'Nicholas Jandora' and 'Spaced Visuals' helped me notice that the hip hop music video scene in the UK doesn't have anyone that stands out with a unique style. This is where I realised that It was my chance to help artists visualise their music. 

I myself have had a very musical past being a guitarist in a band at school and then took to the media side of music. As well as music videos I also offer promotional videos for businesses and any corperate video/photo-based content.

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