Live Studio Video

Its always nice to release a live version of a song when you're releasing a new song or album. Why not get a multi cam shoot now?

Base Price from £300

Have you just released some music? If so why not have a live shoot!

At Bezza Visuals we offer a multi camera live shoot where I shoot with you in your studio. You will be in charge of the recording and making sure all the audio is all being recorded and I will take care of the multiple cameras.

You will have an option of 2 stationary angles and one moving camera.

If you require more cameras there will be an extra fee for the hire of extra equipment. Once the track is recorded and filmed I will ask the producer at your studio to send over the live recording and I will sync all the angles of the video with the track to create a live video of your track/tracks.

Most people like these to be shot in a studio for a raw feel to make it look like an insight in to the recording of the track and a behind the scenes feel of the band in the studio. However you could alternatively do the same concept outside or in a location of your choice as long as you can record there and set up your band there.

If you have any further questions please contact me at

Example Videos