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Love doesn’t fit neatly into a box. So, we don’t make boxes. We make films. That tell love’s story beautifully, creatively, and truthfully...

Hi, my names Ben and I am a young passionate and motivated videographer from Hertfordshire. Before videography my biggest passion in life was music! music still plays a big role in my life and its something I could not go a day without both playing and listening to. This is the reason behind my love for making music videos. Being able to combine my love with film and music together has really opened my eyes to the huge music video industry in which I have entered into. 

During university I discovered that making short films was not something that I enjoyed because I like to be my own boss and I worked out very quickly that I produced higher quality work when its something I have taken on myself. I love challengeing myself and exceeding my goals and most importantly putting smiles on my clients faces. I value my clients over anything else and building relationships with them is another huge reason I love to freelance. This is a big reason in which I started wedding videography. It was a huge challenge and a huge responsibility but also something I knew I could excel in and I carry great pride in having the responsibility of someones biggest day.


Do you have any film qualifications?

When I left school I found my love for film and photography. From studying business at school it really set me in the mindset of an entrepreneur and really was not set on ever working a 9-5 for someone else. This sent me onto college to study a Diploma in media which I came out with a distinction. I then went on to university in Hertfordshire to study a foundation degree in Creative Film and graduated there with a first class distinction as well.

What does 'Bezza Visuals' mean to you and where is the end goal?

Bezza Visuals has and always will be in development so there can't really be an end goal. However my goal for the business right now is to earn a steady income to rely on full time and to establish a broad client base which I am doing really well with currently. As music videos are something I have always loved I would like to broaden that client base so much that I can bring in regular music video to turn the business into more of a platform for artists and as well as shooting music videos Id like to direct them to a team of likeminded people employed by myself.

As a client, what should I expect before meeting you?

For a start, I am pretty fresh out of uni. Most people probably expect an older person to turn up to shoot their wedding however being taught the most current style of film at university with lots of new top of the range equipment id like to think I have a more 'up to date style' using 4k, drones, gimbals etc. Rather than the old camera on tripod set up. I am very open with suggestions though. I do like to direct and I do have a head full on ideas constantly but I'm always open to ideas from the client and will always respect them.


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