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Maids To Measure Case Study


Have a read if you'd like to know how the project worked out.

Maids to measure is a London based company owned by two sisters who own a shop selling bridesmaids dresses. I came across their instagram story asking for a videographer for their studio day. From here we made plans for the shoot in Marylebone and worked out a price.

Its hard to price these types of videos simply because they are all so different so this is something I work out 1 to 1 with the client and really try and work out the details of what they'd like so I can give myself a rough idea of time before I price it up.

When I arrived on the shoot I was greeted by a team of professionals including a make-up artist @olivianewmanyoung a model, @charlienewman1995 a photographer, @jimimoku and India and Sinclair from @maidstomeasure. The lighting at the time felt absolutely fine however I had to fix quite a lot in post production as the lighting was quite warm which clashed with the background and the tan worn by Charlie.

The most important thing in this shoot was making sure I had enough of each dress to be made in to individual instagram reels. It was nice compared to a wedding to be able to have time to stage some shots to show off the dress where as in a wedding situation there is not always time for staging shots.

Jim the photographer and I worked well together sharing the camera time as I didn't want to shoot over the flashing of his stills photography and he couldn't shoot when I was because of needing the space in front of his camera. We managed to communicate each others times well and managed to stay on schedule well without getting in each others shots at all.

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