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Lynne & John's Wedding video
filmed at Registry Office, St Albans

Have a read if you'd like to know how the project worked out.

St, Albans Registry office is not just any old registry office it is infact a converted prison. The front of it also you may recognise from the opening titles of the TV show porridge. This was a great wedding. Lynne and John only wanted the ceremony filming so I contacted mate of mine who I studied film with at university. Bart came along and helped me out by second shooting. This allowed us to use a three camera multi cam set up for the ceremony to catch all the best angles. The filming of the ceremony went amazingly and we stuck around for the group photos at the end too. These looked amazing as the natural light outside was just amazing. We also joined the couple for a couple of shots in their reception at a cafe down the road too. This is where Myself and the team went above and beyond to deliver in fact more than what Lynne wanted because every good wedding video needs a bit of partying and mingling footage and I really pride myself on being able to go above and beyond for my couples and giving them much more than what they expect from myself and whichever team I am working with.

Feature wedding film

Highlight reel

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