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Pre Production

Pre Production is a vital part of the creative process. This is where paperwork is completed such as; storyboards, shot lists, colour palettes, mood boards and release forms. Also for wedding couples this is the stage where I host a call with my couples and take down all their vital information to make their vision come to life and I turn it all into a physical plan. In this stage I can also determine key factors in your project such as; whether drone shots will be possible depending on your location of choice. Another factor of pre production is invoicing and once we have held a call discussing your price and if anything needs to be added or taken from it I can then create your invoice for you and get that to you in plenty of time before the shoot date.

Drawing a Storyboard

Every Video has a narrative to it and it takes a lot of precision in planning to make sure its executed well. Its always hard for the customer to understand the pre production process because it is a very disconnected part to the process This is always a part of the price though and depending on the nature of the project and the length of the project the pricing of my pre production may differ. All pre production is done in house and independently so that nothing gets lost in translation.

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