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Emma & Lee's Wedding video
filmed at Brooke Farm, Cuffley

Have a read if you'd like to know how the project worked out.

Brooke Farm is a beautiful little venue in the lovely little area of Cuffley in Hertfordshire. Lots of flowers, trees and the smell of freshly cut grass to give Emma and Lee's day the best outdoor atmosphere. The happy couple decided to kick off their day at the Double Tree hotel in Elstree to start their prep on the wedding morning. An Irish bridal party and an English grooms party. Could you get a better mix? As you can probably imagine this ended up in a lot of drinking and an amazing party. After the preparations had all finished I managed to catch the men walking along the very cinematic looking walkway through the middle of the hotel as they walked out to their VW camper van ride to the venue. As guests then boarded the guest bus from the hotel which the took them over to the venue Emma gazed out of her window at her guests knowing it was only an hour or so until the moment she would tie the knot. Laura and Nadia from Ettienne Events at Brooke Farm had done an amazing job in making sure the venue looked stunning for Emma's arrival. As the ceremony went on the calming sound of the water beside us really made it a nice relaxed ceremony and this was also helped by the nice weather and gentle breeze. After the ceremony we had an evening full of drinks and arguably some of the best wedding food I had ever tasted. The couple settled upon having a BBQ with an evening pizza stall as well. We were also joined by an Ice cream van which I got some great shots of the couple enjoying. The band which joined us in the evening brought so much energy and made the best party. Lots of alcohol was consumed as you'd imagine with the Irish culture. We also had lots of amazing speeches which were full to the brim with emotion and made Emma and Lee's wedding film truly emotional and magical.

Feature wedding film

Highlight reel

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