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DRET summer cup 2023

For this project I was called upon by Elliot Davies, he was handed the job of shooting the summer cup and asked me to second shoot with him. For this I used his camera (A7SIII) and shoot straight on to his cards for a quick and easy process. Elliot shot on the Sony FX6 and we managed to cover the whole event from beginning to end without any problems at all. This is something Elliot gets called to do each year and it was nice having him there telling me where to go and when as he is so used to this as a project. The weather turned out really good for the event as well which was a bonus. Elliot took care of the edit as well which was turned around super fast and I am super happy with some of my shots that made it into the final edit. Because I shot directly to Elliots cards and the sharing issues around children I am not able to put this into my showreel however am super happy with the days shoot. Working directly with schools and the David Ross Eduction Trust isn't something I do very often however for second shooting I really enjoyed it and the day flowed very smoothly. Also due to the nature of the project I haven't captured any behind the scenes content to be able to show.

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