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Post Production

Editing Time! Here at Bezza Visuals I use the adobe suite religiously. Your video will be edited on a combination of adobe premiere pro and adobe after effects. Likewise photos will be edited using adobe Lightroom. This is also another factor to your price as the post production process is not cheap to run. I like to connect with the client a lot in this stage and really keep checking in to make sure the edit is going in their chosen direction. I occasionally will export rough cuts of the video stamped with a watermark and upload to YouTube as an unlisted video so that the client alone can see their work in progress. There are various different stages to the post production process such as ; culling, sound editing, colour editing and then any Special FX. This process can take anywhere from a week up to 6 months depending on your project however you'll have an estimated time given to you once your pre production stage is finalised.

Video Editing Keyboard

My estimated turnaround is as follows.

Wedding Films - 3 to 4 weeks

Music Videos - 2 to 3 weeks 

Promotional content - 1 week

photo packages - 2 to 5 days

These estimates will vary due to my availability and business around your shoot time however during the post production process I am always available to contact if you'd like an update on where we are at with your edit.

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