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Here is where the magic happens. Your idea is taken from paper and put into motion. Id like all my clients to know at this stage the project can take any path and go in any direction so if ideas are made on the day of production (agreed between both parties) which differ from the ideas made in pre production initially they may change the end outcome of the project. This is fine and this is the nature of creativity and how one day you may like one thing and the next your creative vision may be completely different and as a creative I respect that. However this may change the outcome of your project in that some shots may come out different from the plan.

Something I take great pride in at Bezza Visuals is the punctuality. I am always ahead of time for production so wether its your special wedding day or its the day of production on your music video I can take great pride in never being that one person that everyone is waiting on.

Screenshot 2022-12-02 at 15.22.13.png

Here is an image of myself, Bradley Martin Films, and David Startin (Love Me Do Wedding Films) in production stages of shooting the Letchworth Garden City Christmas Lights turn on 2022

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