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Congratulations! your video is finished! what does that mean for you? 

I have a few delivery options for you here at Bezza Visuals. Something I have brought in fairly recently is hand engraved USB sticks. These can be purchased with any project for an additional £20. Its a wooden 16gb usb stick in a wooden box with custom writing engraved. For weddings I go with the initial on the box and wedding date on the USB. I burn these in with a pyrography pen and take great time to get them just right. I could go down the route that a lot of other creators use by sourcing USBs printed externally from places such as ETSY or EBAY. I think with the time and love put into these couples appreciate it more and there is no relying on external companies to post USBs. As soon as a project is finished in post production I can get straight on to the USB burning. Also they are unique because no USB of mine is the same as another so they are very unique to you. I try to hand deliver to customers in my local area however I often post to people who I can't deliver to.


Without a USB you will receive a standard free WeTransfer link with your project on however due to keeping space on hard drives your project gets deleted from my records after you've received your copy so if you don't have a hard USB copy be sure to keep the link files stored safely and I advise you to back them up multiple times as the link will also eventually expire.

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